This unit has helped broaden my understanding in both the history and authoring of the comic book genre hat is now firmly set in literature. I have looked deeper into the artistic techniques and influences and how these can be used to help develop my work to a better standard than ever before. However, most of all the historical research has done much to improve my understanding of not only comics but also our society and beyond. My artistic skills have also been tested as I have returned to traditional media once more and have rekindled my love for the media that was somewhat lost on the transition to the digital platform.

The multitude of research and writing involved with this unit is something that, until now, has never really seemed to important to me and though I cannot devote the success of my ‘final piece’ to research alone, it did play a huge part in both influencing me and the development of the piece itself. I was also rather humbled to discover that one of the artist I had been researching, attended the same comprehensive school as I did (Henry Flint). If I was given  another chance at this unit, I would probably compare artists from different cultural backgrounds so that  may have a greater spectrum from which to draw influence and inspiration from. This is because most of the artists I researched where from Britain (by pure co-incidence).

Unfortunately during the duration of this project I have been having technical problems with my laptop which lead me to have to create my comic by traditional means. In hindsight I feel this is a good thing and it brought me to question the previously assumed authority I placed on digital media. After all my first introduction to the art world for me was through my drawing on which I have built up ever since. Tough digital media by far is the most convenient and is also much more forgiving of any mistakes that I may make, I think drawing holds a place with me that no other media can replace. Though I fear staying with drawing and not challenging myself would not be wise which is why next time I would try to blend traditional  media with digital in order to make a style of work, the likes of which I have never created.

Authoring a comic is has always been something that sparked my imagination when I was young but either my skills or my work ethic could never seem to keep up with the relentless and spontaneous conceptualizations occurring in my mind. Thankfully, later in my life, my improved skills and the content this assignment asked for has led to my finally completing a childhood ambition of mine. Though the comic is only a page long, I still feel accomplished to have created it but next time (if the time constraints where more generous) I would make a much longer comic and truly test my skills and commitment to the project.

To conclude this unit not only has a personal connection to me, but has also sparked up an interest that was previously burned out in drawing. The research into the comic book genre as well as our culture is something that I think I will take with me beyond this unit. Next time I would strive to improve my traditional pencil skills and develop my digital specialities as well, in the hope that one day I can create art that is on par the professionals that I so admire. I have no doubt that this unit has been a critical step in doing so.


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