Contextual development

For my final artist, I chose Henry Flint due to his rustic and gritty style. I think this works especially well when combined with the themes portrayed in such stories as those in Judge Dredd. The hand-drawn aesthetic is something I would like to carry forward as well. I made two mood boards, one to help me explore the visual techniques/ and styles of his work as well as to give an insight into how a professional lays out their work in a comic format e.g.. how the panels are positioned/ spaced etc. I made another mind map showing off some characters as I try to delve deeper into personal influences.


My first mood board gave me a very real impression of Henry’s style. It is clear that he starts out with a pencil sketch and then adapts it in a digital format to add colour/ shading. This method is a lot quicker than using traditional media and also is much more forgiving if he where to make any mistakes. In some instances it is very clear that Henry textures, but only to make his art look more gritty, which compliments his style a lot. Henry has also been known to draw in a very stylised black and white style. This somewhat diminishes the effectiveness of his line work but adds to whole new, and in some ways more dramatic, effect. Another observation I made was about how he lays out his work by often overlaying panels over each other, putting panels over pictures or having little space between panels. I think this is to improve the flow of the story as make the content more stimulating for the reader.


My next mood board offered me a great lot of inspiration for my own comic that I will be producing. Being a lover Sci-fi myself, I really like Henry’s visual communication and hand drawn style on his characters, his loose line art is something that really appeals to me. It is clear he has taken influence from the classic Sci-fi film Star Wars as well as 2001: a space odyssey.The amount of details on his characters vary’s from only suggestive features to lots of texturing with lines. The way he manipulates the panels to give various character expressions more impact is something I would really like to include in my own work. After looking at the mind maps I know that I would like to go in a Sci-fi direction with my comic.


Knowing what theme I wanted to develop, I made a mind map to help refine my final design, I included images as a form of image image inspiration too. I think that the mind map was very successful as I now know that I would like my comic to be about space. I will be trying to re-create the loose style of artists like Henry Flint whilst injecting my own originality too. I would like my comic to be serious as well because, although shows like Red Dwarf prove sci-fi can be funny, I think that some of the best sci-fi such as Alien can be so much better and I would like to keep the gritty themes of the comics that have done so much to inspire me such as Judge Dredd. I will also try my best to include a variety of visual techniques I learned while analysing Henry flint’s work such as the texturing or the multitude of panel shapes used to portray ‘shots’ like those of a story board.


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