Choosing an era

When it came to choosing an era I had three realistic options, the 19, 20th an the 21st century. Immediately I eliminated the 19th century simply because the comic genre of literature was not as developed as it is now and there was little appealing material to choose from. Out of the remaining two centuries, it was the 20th century that appealed to me most because of the earth shattering historical events that took place. Events like the first and second world war have had such a massive impact on all aspects of our culture be them concious or otherwise. There was also much going on away from the front with many art movements such as pop-art starting to emerge along side women rights movements, it must have been a truly interesting time to be alive. But I digress.

The 21st century is not without its pluses though. There has been an explosion in the comic market/ production industry possibly as a result of the popularisation of comic characters in other mediums such as films. Many popular TV shows and even games, with a big enough following, now have their own spin off comic book series. This mass of diversity in both artistic styles and techniques offers itself as something that I can use to influence my work, perhaps more so than the works of the 20th century.

To further my decisions, I chose 3 decades to work from and choose my era of choice that way. I chose the 40’s and the 50’s from the 20th century mainly due to the military events of the time as it intrigues me to think how such mediums as comics where adapted or influenced as a means for propaganda. Since we’ve only experienced one full decade in the 21st century I obviously chose the 00’s (naughties) due the sheer variety of stories, artists, techniques and so forth. However there is more to the naughties than just those things. There are still a lot of movements (tough not as prevalent in the mainstream media) such as the controversial feminism and ‘social justice warriors’ who, in some cases, have made their own comics. Comics have also been used by organised religions in the 21st century to indoctrinate a new generation. Recent events have also sparked a debate in rights to freedom of speech in publishing after a group of French cartoonists for satirical comic Charlie Hebdo where murdered by Muslim extremists for portraying their prophet, Mohamed.

I will most likely choose the 21st century simply because there is much diversity and variation in artistic styles. It is also more culturally relevant to my lifetime. To conclude I think that there is too much potential in the multitude of artists from which I can draw inspiration from and derive a better final piece, and to be honest, I find the art styles, stories and characters of the 21st century much more appealing.


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