Unit 5 intro


To start with, I will need to create a basic time plan so that I complete the tasks more efficiently. This can take the form of of a timetable or a ghant chart. I must also take possible problems/ solutions into account when planning. Next I need to select an era out of the three previously studied (19th century, 20th century, 21st century). After selecting an era I am required to do research into the culture, major historical events and art movements of the time. Second to selecting three comic artists, I will chose one to further investigate. I will then create my own design in their style of a comic cover (and a couple pages if time allows) I will then publish this work to Tapastic. Lastly, it is required that I make a professional presentation to compliment the ongoing ‘diary’ that I will create.

Time plan


To further simplify the unit and to break it down into a small list.

  • Create a time plan that is basic and easy to follow.
  • Research into three eras and choose one that appeals to me and my potential.
  • Select an era to research and identify key social, political or any other influences and thoroughly document all my findings in a 500 word essay with Harvard referencing.
  • Identify popular comics, art movements and important historical events and note their impact on the society and culture at the time.
  • Choose 3 comic book artists from the time whose art styles are appealing. Say how their work influenced by events at the time.
  • I will then pick my favourite and create a comic cover and story (probably consisting of 1 or 2 pages).
  • It is important to allow extra time for setbacks and unforeseeable circumstance such as a computer crash so that I may recover.

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