As you probably know to present my submission I chose to use WordPress. I didn’t come to this decision instantly though, it was one of the three blog/ Web hosting services I experimented with to see which one best suited me.


I looked at some websites to draw inspiration from, one of which was ConceptArtWorld as I liked the formatting of the text and images. I also like the aesthetic of the windows 8 start menu due to the simplicity and crisp style.

The first I reviewed was Blogger, a service much like word press but is a bit less complicated and as a result is much less customisable. You are only provided with a simple selection of themes and in my opinion a limited selection of options when it comes to editing posts. The user interface is also very clunky especially when formatting text and images. Overall this drove me to choose one of the other services.


Next I looked at a web-hosting service called Wix which allows you to format your own website including buttons and menus. I liked the look of Wix, it had a really simple user interface (much more so than Blogger). It also allows so much customisation considering its simplicity. the formatting is incredibly fluid and offers maximum freedom to the user. Unfortunately there appears to be absence of a spell check function. However I personally don’t like the use of menus solely for navigation as it becomes quite monotonous after some time.


WordPress won me over by its simplicity in the customisation options (like the ability to put a front image on a blog post. It is mostly similar to Blogger as far as text formatting goes but far surpasses it in customisation options. I like that you split your posts into a cubic style.


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